Autumn Falling Leaves an unquiet mind.

breanna. 20. wisconsin. i like pandas and autumn.

how are they even going to do a third season?

wait the guy who owned the hardware store…is that the guy whose wife just died? the “dome smashed into his car” but if that’s the same guy then it sounds more like he drove into the dome.





this quiz just told me i’m daria. it gets me.

"people do bad things but that doesn’t make them bad people" that doesn’t fucking apply to sociopathic murderers, okay. now i don’t normally associate mental illness to crime but come on, only a sociopath is going to murder, feel no remorse, wear a shirt that says "killer" and then admit to masturbating over the memory of killing people.

all of you romanticizing t.j. lane have a serious case of hybristophilia.


TJ Lane escaped from prison. He’s my favorite school shooter. 

^your tags. what the fuck is wrong with you


I don’t get how people are like, “It’s okay that Meghan Trainor called thin girls ‘skinny bitches’ because afterwards she was like ‘haha sike!’ and besides thin girls get enough reinforcement!”

You don’t just throw around insults and then go “lol jk” and it’s alright. If you don’t honestly believe thin girls are skinny bitches then why would you say it in your song in the first place? Why does pointing out that some girls are insecure about their weight have to start with you calling them bitches?

Besides if you’re going to keep throwing up that, “thin girls get enough reinforcement” you’re basically admitting that what she said was shitty and just trying to defend that it’s okay to insult someone if they’re accepted in the media, which means jack shit to people who don’t get acceptance elsewhere (home, among peers, at work, etc.).

Plus defending that bigger girls are better because men will like them more is a shitty way to bring about body positivity. You’re gorgeous whether or not men find you desirable, your self esteem shouldn’t be dependent on someone else’s approval






This is the best thing ever.

i’m kind of sad you didn’t leave it sit out so it’d shrink and shrivel up





here’s to harold
the most sensible person in creepypasta

bless u harold

harold’s got his shit together

#harold just survived the first 5 mins of a supernatural episode

taking the phrase dead ringer to terrifying levels





here’s to harold

the most sensible person in creepypasta

bless u harold

harold’s got his shit together

taking the phrase dead ringer to terrifying levels

Slow lorises: a pet trade horror story


slow lorisKey slow loris facts:
Taxonomy: There are 5 species of slow loris.
Distribution: South and Southeast Asia.
Conservation status: The IUCN recognises the five species as either endangered or vulnerable.

In viral videos like ‘Tickling Slow Loris’, the loris couldn’t look like a more innocent bundle of fur. But these popular YouTube clips hide the truth about this deceptive primate and cruelties of the loris pet trade.

Like the fictional mogwai from the ‘Gremlins’ movies, hiding behind their adorable exterior is a not-so-cute side which means they’re not the ideal pet they may seem. Unlike Gremlins, slow lorises aren’t movie monsters but wild animals, with a defence mechanism envied by any horror villain: an ability to inflict a toxic bite. However this powerful defence can’t protect the slow loris against the trauma of the pet trade.

slow loris teeth removedAfter being snatched from the wild, slow lorises have to suffer a painful procedure to prepare them for their lives as pets. Their teeth are often cut off with nail clippers or pulled out with pliers to prevent the loris from injecting venom into its handlers and future owners. This cruel mutilation can leave the loris suffering from infections, and often results in a slow and painful death.

But their torture doesn’t end there, with the lorises exposed to stressful conditions until they reach their owners. If intended for the international trade, the loris can be transported in overcrowded conditions with poor ventilation. The stress placed on the animals during this transport stage results in a mortality rate of between 30% and 90%. 
If the lorises remain in their native countries like Indonesia, they are taken to illegal animal markets where they can be exposed to extreme heat. 

Primatologist Anna Nekaris captured the conditions traumatised lorises are exposed to on the BBC documentary ‘Jungle Gremlins of Java’. (Watch clips on the BBC website or part of the programme on YouTube: Tickling Slow Loris - The Truth.)

Slow lorises are easily stressed and, when they reach their new homes, can suffer from the strains of life in captivity. Pet lorises commonly fall victim to health problems like: infection, pneumonia, diabetes and inadequate nutrition as their owners struggle to meet the complex needs of these wild animals.

Thousands of slow lorises are taken from the wild to suffer this fate. Despite the slow loris trade being banned both in the animal’s native countries and internationally, the illegal loris trade is on the increase. Driven - in part - by YouTube videos which present them as seemingly perfect pets, with millions of viewers oblivious to the trauma and suffering lorises have been through to be sold as pets.

If we don’t counter the lorises’ cute furball image and recognise that slow lorises (like other primates) are wild animals and should not be kept as pets, these species will continue to suffer and be pushed to extinction as we continue to take them from the wild.

Danielle Boobyer
twitter: @primate_girl

International Animal rescue: Saving the Slow Loris
BBC Nature: Slow Loris
Wikipedia: Slow Loris
Photos: International Animal Rescue.

How to stop the slow loris pet trade?
Never buy a pet slow loris, and discourage others from doing so too.
Donate to/support the Little Fireface Project and  International Animal Rescue.
Watch and share the video Tickling Slow Loris – The Truth on social networks, etc.
Sign & share petitions like You Tube: remove clips of captive slow lorises.
Find out more about the slow loris at the Little Fireface Project.

Watch Tickling Slow Loris - The Truth

these animals are so cute but they always look sad

am i the only one who rehearses things i might say in advance? and I don’t mean like my theoretical oscars acceptance speech i mean like what i’ll say to the pizza guy when I answer the door in my pjs

kethrena ask: read my post on skinny shaming? im new here.. :)

It’s a very informative post. I used to not be aware it was a thing until I saw something on tumblr about it - previously I had just found it rude to insult thin people or tell them to eat more.

So many people think skinny shaming isn’t real because “you can’t oppress groups that aren’t oppressed” or whatever, but that doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want and it’s okay because skinny people aren’t oppressed the way fat people are. I’ve also seen people get upset that thin people complain about skinny shaming but it’s like…oppression isn’t a competition. Fat people may have it worse but?? Thin people have the right to call out when people are shaming them too?? Like I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut if people were being rude to me.



im a bad person who thinks bad thoughts like ‘ew what is that girl wearing’ and then remember that im supposed to be positive about all things and then think ‘no she can wear what she wants, fuck what other people say damn girl u look fabulous’ and im just a teeny bit hypocritical tbh

I was always taught by my mother, That the first thought that goes through your mind is what you have been conditioned to think. What you think next defines who you are.

so people will point out a scene in a music video that happens to have only white people and call it white washing and racist and then in the same breath will point out another scene with some black people and say they’re using black people as props